NUTECH ENGINEERS & POWER SYSTEMS LTD., with its Head Office and Manufacturing facilities located in Chennai, were established in 2000. It was promoted by a pair of professionals with excellent academic back ground and rich working experience, as its partners. Since the inception of nutech systematically mastered the art of updating its products with a dedicated R & D and adoption of contemporary technologies. The long experience of over 15 years helped nutech to perfect their products to work in demanding conditions and in the process gaining many Firsts to its credit.

   The highest level of expertise and thorough professionalism that characterises their products made nutech to find a distinct place for itself in Indian Power Electronics Sector. Today it caters to the needs of Core Infrastructure areas such as Telecommunication, Railway’s Signal & Electrification, Defence, in addition to large computer installation, Industrial and Process automation, Healthcare (Hospitals and Medical equipments), Airlines, Banks, MNC,Insurance and Research establishments.

   nutech has over 10000 Sq.Ft. area at its fully integrated and most modern plants with comprehensive in – house facilities for its manufacturing.

   nutech products have gained high acclaim due to the use of state of the art technology and their highest standard of engineering practices.

  The ever growing encouragement and support of the clients combined with staunch commitment, dynamic business policies, continuous Constant Development enabled nutech to reach its present level and also motivated them to accept new challenges. The biggest strength of nutech is its clients. Almost every client places repeat orders and developed a Brand loyalty.

  nutech Range of smart solution products include,  
    Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems  
    Static Inverters  
    Frequency Converters  
    DC – DC Converters  
    DC Regulated Power Supplies  
    High Voltage DC Power Supplies  
    Float Rectifiers  
    Battery Chargers  
    Float – cum – Boost Chargers  
    Static Voltage Conditioners  
    Servo – Controlled Voltage Stabilizers  
    Static Voltage Regulators  
    Constant Voltage Transformers  
    Isolation Transformers  
    Any custom built special purpose Power supplies  
   Our corporate objectives are to specialise in the field of Power Electronics and make them more and more energy efficient in order to save the scarce energy. In this direction we dedicate ourselves to Innovate, Develop and Implement the latest state of art the art technologies to meet the present needs with futuristic vision. We shall also take lead in bringing the advanced contemporary technologies world over and adapt them to suit the demanding local conditions.

   In nutech, we recognise that out customer buy our products because of their critical need for reliable Power. Our endeavor should be to offer products with perfect and comprehensive solutions to suit the individual customer needs. We also make sure that the product and solutions offered are of maximum energy efficient for its class and rating.

   nutech also recognises that the post sales customer support for their products are more vital than the sales itself in order to build its market leadership by the continued brand loyalty of its customers. nutech’s highly motivated Customer Support Team shall always thrive with its dedicated efforts combined with thorough professionalism to achieve this goal.

   We also bring all our resources to make our products and services better than the previous best in order to maintain our leading front-line role in the Power Electronics segment.

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